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Law Firm Leadership Breakfast

May 07, 2019
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
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River Hills Club
3600 Ridgewood Rd
Jackson, MS 39211



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Presenter:  John Remsen, Jr.
President and CEO, Managing Partner Forum
President, TheRemsenGroup

"The Future of Law"  -  Current Issues, Trends and Challenges Facing Today’s Law Firms And How They’re Addressing Them!

The legal profession is in the midst of unprecedented change. Is your firm keeping pace? What are other firms doing? What should you, as a firm leader, be doing to learn from the experiences of others to lead your firm into the future?
Each year, The Managing Partner Forum conducts several surveys about issues important to law firms and their leadership. We recently surveyed 154 managing partners and law firm leaders about their leadership and governance models. At the MPF 2017 and 2018 Leadership Conferences, we deployed audience polling technology to capture data from 85 managing partners and firm leaders about what their firms are doing to invest in the future. In late 2017, we partnered with the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) to survey Chief Operating Officers and Executive Directors, in which 254 law firms participated.

In this timely, fast-paced session, John highlights the key findings of these and other recent surveys, providing his thoughts and insights along the way. The session will be highly interactive, involving the audience early and often, using audience polling technology, show of hands or encouraging questions throughout the session.

Learning Objectives
• How law firms are responding to the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace for legal services
• Why smaller and mid-size firms must operate more like businesses and less like collections of sole practitioners
• How smaller and mid-size law firms should develop their strategic priorities, such as investments in technology, marketing and business development
• How law firms are dealing with thorny issues like succession planning, chronic underperformance and bad behavior
• Leadership and governance models smaller and mid-size law firms are deploying
• What law firms are doing differently and consistently to attract and retain future talent


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