August 2017  

President's Report

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust…


“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:  A time to be born, and a time to die”   Ecclesiastes 3:1-2


I apologize in advance if this writing leans too far towards the personal, but it has been an emotional week as my family experienced the passing of my Dad, and resulting funeral services yesterday.  Times like these can be difficult to process, and a degree of transparency can be woefully unavoidable.


To the many of you who have experienced the loss of a loved one, I sympathize with you.  Reflection on one’s allotted days can be a daunting task.


But as I have now had several days of reflection, I can report that I have realized a few things that I would like to share.  First, a heartfelt thank you for all of the notes, emails and texts of encouragement.  Never underestimate the power of a kind word.


Second, often we tend to be tempted to waste much time dwelling on the negative that life has for us, whether on our sometimes hapless situation in Jackson with all of its challenges, or on a national scale where at times I find myself wondering if it is all going to come crashing down unmercifully upon us all.  We think about our jobs, our families, our health as if we are paralyzed to do anything at all.


I would encourage us all not to take the negative way out.  Be thankful for what you have, express kindness at every opportunity, show love where love needs to be shown, forgive at every point on the road.  For we are all travelers on the journey of life, and we each have been allotted a certain number of days in which to accomplish this.  Don’t miss it.


Third, so many of us perform, in so many ways, under many eyes of judgement and scrutiny.  A characteristic I believe we all seem to have in common is a desire for excellence in what we do, to please those for whom we toil, and to obtain a degree of acceptance and approval.  In short, we desire to hear those words, “well done” from those we seek to please.


For me, the desire to excel originated in the words of my Dad.  I cannot ever remember a time that I did not want to please him and make him proud.  Each of you may also have a small voice inside of you, maybe not from your father, but from another place, motivating you to live up to the self imposed standards you’ve set for your lives.


As I have lived through these days, I would encourage you to consider easing off a little, maybe not trying to achieve what at times can seem like an unachievable standard.  Instead, just love a little deeper. Say what you are thinking, but for some reason doesn’t seem to come out.  Be yourself instead of trying to be the perfect version of yourself. Make sure that those you love know that you love them. Finally, show appreciation and kindness where ever you can.


Although my Dad’s passing was not a surprise (he’d been sick for some time now), the final moments are quite sobering.  I have yet to see someone come back once their obituary is posted in the paper.  Truth is, he is not coming back, but he lives in me each and every day.


I hope to see you next Tuesday as we meet and greet, and enjoy our annual human resources roundtable.  Bring your human resources manager, all are welcome. 


Again, I apologize for being so personal, let’s just agree to keep this among ourselves. 



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Vice-President's Report

As Vice President, I recently had the pleasure of attending the ALA Chapter Leadership Institute (CLI),  CLI is a three-day conference targeted at educating those who are or who are likely to become “chapter leaders” on matters related to chapter leadership.  I gained a lot of great insight from other chapter leaders. 

In the past I have been guilty of thinking that our chapter’s size meant that we just could not have the type of programs that some of the large chapters offer.  CLI convinced me otherwise.  I heard from many chapter leaders – from chapters that were similar in size to ours – whose chapters were doing some incredible things.  One key quality that all of those vibrant “small” chapters had in common was a healthy Business Partner program.

I do not feel that I have ever fully appreciated the role or importance of our Business Partner relationships.  We are in a position to offer a great service to our Business Partners.  In turn, they have a vested interest in maintaining good relationships with our members.  Many things contribute to a quality Business Partner program, but right near the top of the list is for us to show up at events where Business Partners are spending their time and money to help support our chapter (e.g.,a monthly lunch meeting, the Business Partner Expo, after-hours social gatherings sponsored by a Business Partner.)  We need to be sure that our Business Partners know they are appreciated and that we value their partnership.

In keeping with this theme, your board is currently evaluating options to strengthen our existing Business Partner relationships.  One way we plan to do this is by moving to a tiered sponsorship offering for Business Partners.  Currently, we obtain all of our sponsorships on an a la carte basis.  We believe it will be beneficial to both the Business Partners and to our chapter to move towards a system that provides levels of sponsorship and corresponding packages commensurate with those levels.  We will likely continue to offer some a la carte options as well.  Whatever the offerings will be, the key to the success of the program is for our membership to fully appreciate the importance of our Business Partners and for each to do his or her part to encourage participation and show appreciation for the Business Partner’s involvement. 

The board will be sharing more information on this topic as we continue to develop the program for 2018.  Be thinking of whom you might be able to recommend as a potential Business Partner for our chapter.  Also, be thinking of ways we can enhance the relationship between our chapter members and the Business Partners who help provide us with resources and education.  

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Secretary's Report

Association of Legal Administrators      
Mississippi Chapter      
Financial Statement      
For the Periods Ended July 31, 2017      
     July     2017 YTD 
Beginning Balance  $ 15,220.65    $   13,296.86
Source of Income:      
  Member Dues                -            4,575.00
  Chapter Meeting Sponsor Fees         250.00          1,250.00
  Website Sponsor Fees         600.00             600.00
  Business Partner Expo      2,000.00          5,500.00
         2,850.00        11,925.00
  Lunch meetings         331.84          1,619.78
  Chapter Socials                -               180.00
  Annual/Regional conference                -            2,617.12
  Chapter Leadership Institute         520.59             520.59
  MC Scholarship            2,500.00
  Silent Auction Donation                -               150.00
  Website Expenses           49.00             343.00
  Miscellaneous         106.99             229.14
         1,008.42          8,159.63
  Net Income/(loss)      1,841.58          3,765.37
Ending Balance  $ 17,062.23    $   17,062.23
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