October 2017  

President's Report

First, I would like to thank Bill Wallace for another successful Vendor Fair this past month!  The event included over 15 vendors participating, along with members of the MPA.  This event would not have happened without Bill's leadership. Great job, Bill.


As for our Vendor program, your Board of Directors has approved several changes for next year.  Al Smith is spearheading this, and you will find out more in his article below, as well as at the meeting.


As Al mentioned in his email, our guest tomorrow will be Hertz Investment Group Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Jim Ingram.  Hertz is a real estate company that owns assets around the country.  In Jackson, they count Regions Plaza, The Old Deposit Guaranty Bank Building, One Jackson Place and the Pinnacle building in their portfolio, as well as One Shell Square and several other buildings in New Orleans.  As CIO, Jim oversees the acquisition and disposition of real estate assets.  Jim plans to visit with us on Hertz in general, as well as some key tips when negotiating a lease for office space.  I hope you will join us next Tuesday.


Additionally, I want to recognize Gail Pennock for her distinguished career at Wise Carter as well as within the MS ALA.  She has been a wonderful member over the years, and the dessert cart will again be on display as we salute Gail and her retirement.


With Gail's departure, Cindy Fuller has agreed to step up and assist this year with the Chapter's community service project, held in conjunction with our annual Christmas party.  Thank you Cindy!  Susan Ryan is exploring options for this years event, including such venues as Char, Shapleys and Walkers.  Please weigh in to Susan if you have any suggestions.


Thank you all for what you do on behalf of our chapter.  Look forward to seeing you this next Tuesday.

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Community Service

Group members had a great time at the ALA Social held at the Old Capital Inn following the Vendor Fair last month. 

Standing:  Robby Gathings, Nancy Canterbury, and Bill Wallace.

Seated:  Karen Haskins, Erica Jolley (Brooks Court Reporting), Nikki Fletcher, and Al Smith.

ALA Social 2017

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Vice-President's Report

The board has approved moving forward with some revisions to our current Business Partner program.  As I’ve mentioned in a prior article and in a prior chapter meeting, most chapters have moved to Business Partner package sponsorships rather than an a la carte approach like we have.  We are now going to follow suit and move to sponsorship packages too.  We intend to offer 3 levels of sponsorship to potential business partners for 2018.  The lowest level will be priced at $750 which is the same as the current cost for one monthly meeting sponsorship ($250) and a display at the expo ($500.)  However, the business partners will get some added benefits for the packages.   

These changes are intended to enhance the benefits to both our existing business partners and our chapter members.  We hope to be able to develop this program in such a way that we can more easily offer even better educational opportunities.  We would love for those opportunities to include some scholarship money for member attendance at regional or national events.   We are also talking about numerous other possibilities. 

Come to the Chapter meeting tomorrow and we will be distributing some more detailed information about the packages.  Please also let me know if you have any comments (positive or negative) or if you have recommendations concerning these changes. 

Membership in the Mississippi chapter of ALA has a lot of great benefits.  Hopefully, the efforts of our Board will serve to continue to enhance those benefits and strengthen our association.  

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Chapter Treasurer's Report

Association of Legal Administrators      
Mississippi Chapter      
Financial Statement      
For the Periods Ended September 30, 2017    
     September     2017 YTD 
Beginning Balance  $ 16,067.12    $   13,296.86
Source of Income:      
  Member Dues                -            4,575.00
  Chapter Meeting Sponsor Fees                -            1,250.00
  Website Sponsor Fees                -               600.00
  Business Partner Expo      2,017.00          7,517.00
         2,017.00        13,942.00
  Lunch meetings         270.23          2,303.87
  Chapter Socials                -               180.00
  Annual/Regional conference                -            2,617.12
  Chapter Leadership Institute                -            1,027.89
  MC Scholarship            2,500.00
  Silent Auction Donation                -               150.00
  Website Expenses           49.00             465.95
  Miscellaneous                -               229.14
            319.23          9,473.97
  Net Income/(loss)      1,697.77          4,468.03
Ending Balance  $ 17,764.89    $   17,764.89
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